Blu Ray goes 3D at CES

There are a huge load of Blu Ray product launches at CES this year, with a lot of focus on the recently finalised Blu Ray 3D. These players are full home cinema systems and even some portables. Products have been announced by Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and LG amongst others.

We will be gathering all of the information the vendors have made available and will be commenting on the announcements.

One thing looks sure: Blu Ray + 3D looks like a very popular move. Thankfully there are also many 3d TVs being released as well, all the way up to a huge 4kx2k 152″display!

More once we have ploughed through the various press releases and product announcements.

OK, we’ll start to do a quick weekly round up of movies that we’re looking forward to. We can’t list every title that will be released, but we’ll try to include more as we are informed of release by the publishers.

So this coming week sees Children of Men with Clive Owen, is out, which depicts the UK in a worryingly not too distant future. Knowing, with Nicolas Cage is a sci fi flick with a twist… About Last Night and St Elmo’s Fire bring the 80’s brat pack back to our screens, so that can relive your youth! There are a handful of other titles, including the bizarrely weird Psychoville, which is backed up on my Sky box.