LG BD 370 Network Blu Ray Disc Player

If you think you’re looking at a Blu Ray player, you may need to take another look. This is the LG BD370 Network Blu Ray Disc Player and it comes with the most exciting entertainment technology available. With NetCast Entertainment Access, you get unlimited access to streaming entertainment services like CinemaNow, Netflix, and YouTube, direct from the Internet. That’s thousands upon thousands of movies and online videos the moment you want them. That’s real entertainment.

Entertainment On Tap

The end of “there’s nothing on”. NetCast Entertainment Access lets you stream instant, and virtually endless, entertainment from CinemaNow, Netflix and YouTube. It’s direct to your TV from the Internet —no computer required.

Enjoy It At Its Best

Why would you want anything but the best picture possible? Make the most of your HDTV. Blu Ray disc playback delivers exceptional Full HD 1080p video and audio performance.

Making Old Just Like New

No need to go out and replace your old DVD collection. Even your standard DVDs look better on Blu Ray with Standard DVD Up-Scaling.

Capture The Silver Screen

Ever wish movies looked more like they do in the theater? Wish no more. With Cinema Mode, you can watch movies the way they are meant to be seen.

Don’t Just Hear It. Feel It.

Great picture needs great sound. Blu Ray’s superior audio performance lets you listen in Full HD and supports up to 7.1 channels of surround sound in the latest formats.

No More Waiting To Watch

When you’ve decided on a movie, you don’t want to sit around waiting for it to load. Express Reaction Startup eliminates annoying load times.

Memories On The Big Screen

Want to view photos of your family vacation in the comfort of your living room? You can with USB Media Plus.

All In One

Having a hard time keeping track of your remotes? With SimpLink, all your LG devices can be controlled with just one remote.

Get More From Your Movies

Want to hear real time commentary from your favorite movie director? You could do that, and a lot more, with BD Live.